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What Trilogy is Doing to Provide Support in Event of a Disaster

In 2006 the Trilogy Homeowners Association (HOA) Board authorized the formation of an Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) with the overall objective of assisting Trilogy residents in the event of a major disaster (one that is likely to overwhelm the ability of the local government emergency response organizations such as fire, police, paramedics, etc.).

The EPC is not trying to take the place of governmental emergency response organizations. Under normal conditions telephoning 911 is the best way to handle a life-threatening emergency. The EPC takes action when 911 resources are likely to be overloaded and not available in the event of a major disaster.

Emergency Preparedness Committee Organization

1. Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) Functions

Manages EPC operations during a disaster. Approves policy recommendations from the Steering Team and makes reports to the HOA Board. Members of this team are the EPC officers and they are: Chair, Wayne Bowman (760) 777-9032, Vice-Chair Eddie Pizzuli (760) 262-8731 and recording Secretary, Carolyn Stephenson (760) 238-4103.

2. Steering Committee

This team consists of the Co-chairs of all EPC teams. It provides a forum for information exchanges and guidance for the Committee’s operations. It develops policies and procedures that will help harmonize the operations of the EPC.

3. Block Captains’ Team

Organize Block Captains who will be the interface between residents and the EOC. Block Captains have areas of 10 to 20 homes and will collect information on the status of the residents and their homes in their assigned Block Captain area and report that information to the EOC through their Group Leader. Team Chair, Carolyn Stephenson (760) 238-4103.

4. Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Team

The EOC serves as the hub for all EPC field team situation reports and requests for assistance. The EOC staff analyzes reports from the EPC field teams to direct Trilogy response operations to the most critical sites. The EOC has radios to communicate with the city of La Quinta and the EPC field teams as well as participate with the Coachella Valley Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES) system. The EOC will coordinate city, county, state, and federal support to Trilogy. The Team Co-Chair is Pete Fleury (760) 777-7526.

5. First-Aid Team

Provides first aid support for Trilogy residents injured during a disaster and provides the interface between Trilogy and more comprehensive medical support provided by the County and other agencies. Team Chair: Barbara Shah (949) 547-7124.

6. Search & Rescue/ Building Inspection Team

Make recommendations as to the safety of structures and lead the effort to rescue those who may be trapped in a collapsed or heavily damaged structure. Team Co-Chairs: Eddie Pizzulli (760-262-8731) & John Bowman (760) 564-4278.

7. Fire Suppression Team

Attempts to control and keep fires from spreading. Has fire hoses and ability to connect to Trilogy fire hydrants. Also has 2 floating pumps that can be used to provide fire suppression water from swimming pools and golf course lakes. Team Chair: Wayne Bowman (760) 777-9032.

8. Power Team

Manage EPC generators and during a disaster that takes out city power, provide electricity for 1st Aid and EOC lights and fans, and the recharge of radios and other electronic system batteries. Also will attempt to maintain in operation, one large refrigerator in the Santa Rosa clubhouse, for residents to store medications needing refrigeration. Team Co-Chair: Pete Fleury (760) 777-7526.

9. Recovery Team

Provides assistance to Trilogy residents to help them work with governmental and non-governmental agencies during the process of restoration of Trilogy and resident life styles. Team Chair: Bob Garrott (760-777-8428).

10. Awareness Team

Provide emergency preparedness information (speakers, handouts, etc.) to help Trilogy residents prepare for a disaster. During a disaster, this team will work from the EOC to help provide reliable, factual information for Trilogy residents. Team Chairs: Carolyn Stephenson (760-238-4103) and Bob Garrott (760-777-8428).

11. Pet Care Team

Provides residents with information on disaster planning for pets prior to and during an emergency. Provides residents with pet preparedness information from city, county, state, and federal governments. Team Chair: Dan Bemis (585) 451-6301.

12. Radio Team

Maintain the EPC radios and conduct radio training from EPC members. Recommend radio needs for the EPC. Team Co-Chair: Pete Fleury (760) 777-7562 and Co-Chair Dick Chavarria (760) 777-6572.

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