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This page of the Emergency Preparedness website provides you with a quick review of the essential activities that we as Trilogy residents should accomplish to enhance our survivability in event a major disaster impacts our area. You should first become familiar with each of the other five sections of our website (see buttons above) so that you can better understand what we are recommending in the checklists.

“Checklists” is divided into three sections. They are:


Essential Actions

This is a list of the minimum actions you should take in and around your home to prepare for a disaster.

Essential Supplies

A list of critical supplies that you should have for your home and automobile to help you survive for a short period of time in event of a disaster (remember, the stores will be closed). This is only a list of critical supplies. Go to the “Prepare” button to see what you should have in a full home emergency kit.

Essential Items

Things you may need to resume your life during a period when we may not have access to our normal records.

Checklist – Essential Actions

___1. Learn the threats in our area.

___2. Identify meeting places in Trilogy and outside of Trilogy for you and your housemates.

___3. Select an out-of-state contact to provide information on your status.

___4. Know potential evacuation routes out of the Coachella Valley.

___5. Know the location of your utility shut-offs (gas, electricity, water) and how to turn them off.

___6. Identify safe spots in each room of your home to take cover.

___7. Make special provisions for people with disabilities.


Checklist – Essential Supplies

For The Home:

___1. One gallon of water per person per day for one week. Don’t forget your pets.

___2. Three days to a week of non-perishable foods and a manual can opener – remember pets.

___3. First aid kit with instructions.

___4. Flashlight and extra batteries.

___5. Portable radio with extra batteries and a list of local emergency stations.

___6. Medications (over the counter, prescription, and prescription list).

___7. Toothbrush and toothpaste.

___8. Sanitation and hygiene supplies.


For the Car (items should be in a back pack or fanny pack):

___1. Water (at least a gallon in small containers).

___2. Food for at least one day.

___3. Space blanket for warmth.

___4. Hat, Cap, or head cover (not a visor).


Essential Items:

___1. Important documents (keep in a water and fire proof storage box):

  • ___Social Security card.
  • ___Drivers’ license.
  • ___Passports.
  • ___Medical card and records.
  • ___Insurance information.
  • ___Proof of military service.
  • ___Living will and healthcare proxies.

___2. Cash and credit cards.

___3. Address book.

___4. Change of clothing for each person.

___5. Photos of exterior and interior (rooms with furniture items) of home.

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