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Purpose: The Trilogy Emergency Preparedness Committee includes over 140 volunteers in nine teams: 1st Aid, Awareness, Block Captains, Emergency Operations Center, Fire Response, Power (electrical generators), Recovery, Search and Rescue/Building Inspection, and Security. Volunteers are needed for each of the teams. The committee’s role is to maintain resident awareness of their personal responsibility for disaster preparation, provide information to residents about how to prepare for a disaster, and coordinate resident response after a disaster. Volunteers are always welcome. Contact Bob Garrott 760-777-8428 if you are interested in volunteering. Individual meeting times may vary.

Committee Volunteer Form

The Emergency Preparedness Committee meets:

The committee meets quarterly/2nd Thursday of the month at 1 p.m.
*Meeting dates are subject to change due to member availability, season, etc. Confirm any meeting by contacting management or the committee chair to verify the next open meeting date.

Committee Leaders

Dick Chavarria, dchavpa@yahoo.com
Ed Pizzulli  – tpzulli@gmail.com
Carolyn Stephenson – cc2history300@gmail.com
Dan Bemis – dbemis60@gmail.com 
John Bowman – (714) 272-5822
Pete Fleury – armych47pilot@gmail.com
Bob Garrott – Rgarrott@bendingpixels.com
Steve Owens – mtrafficdavid18@yahoo.com
Barbara Shah – bagee@uci.edu

Our Latest News and Information:

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Welcome to Your Trilogy Emergency Preparedness Home Page. Before a disaster is the time to prepare your home and life by reviewing this Emergency Preparedness Information. “Winging it” is not a plan.

La Quinta Early Warning Notification System

The City of La Quinta with the County of Riverside has a new emergency early warning system and is called “Early Warning Notification System or “EWNS.” This new system provides improved methods for communicating to the community during emergencies and disasters. To register click HERE to go to the EWNS page,

If you have any questions or need assistance with registration, please contact the city’s Public Safety Office Assistant, Sandra Martindale at 760-777-7050.

Potential Threats To Lives & Property In The Coachella Valley

This section provides you with information about the potential impact seven selected threats can have on lives and property here in the Coachella Valley.

It is not a prediction of what will happen but rather an illustration of potential impacts. Review this material and then use it to help you finalize your family preparedness plan and your emergency supplies kit. Use the navigation buttons to the left to quickly go to information on one of the seven “Threats.”


AM Stations
KDES 920
KCLB 970 (Spanish)
KPSL 1010
KCMJ 1140
KNWZ 1270
KWXY 1340
KBEST 1400
KSES 1420
KPSI 1450

FM Stations
KPSC 88.5
KCRW 90.9
KCMJ 92.7
KUNA 96.7
KWXY 98.5
KPSI 100.5
KEZN 103.1
KDES 104.7
KPLM 106

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