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What is Bocce?

Good Question. Before moving to Trilogy I had never heard of Bocce (pronounced “BAH-chee”). It is an ancient Roman game now played throughout the world. It’s kinda a cross between lawn bowling, croquette and a picnic, and is easy enough (and challenging enough) for ANY age to play.

Bocce is played with a small ball called a Pallino and two sets of four colored balls. The object of the game is getting your team’s ball closest to the Pallino. One point is awarded for each ball your team has closer to the Pallino than any ball from the opponent’s team.

Here at Trilogy we play until a team gets 12 points. This constitutes one game. Winner gets high-fives all around and shares their bottle of vino – loser gets high-fives and shares THEIR bottle of vino. (Is this a great sport or what!?)

Play to Compete!

Each Winter the Bocce Group holds matches pitting 2-person against other 2-person teams and 4-person teams against other 4-person teams. At the end of the competition an awards party is held to eat, drink, and of course to recognize the winning teams. (Hey! This was started by Italians – so of course we’re gonna have a good time!) Here’s the 1-2-3 to enjoy the competitions: 

1. Read the Bocce Rules.
2. Fill out the entry form (obtained from the mailroom or Member Services Desk) and return to it to the Member Services Desk,
3. If you are not a member of the Game Club, drop off a check payable to TLQ Game Club for $5 at the Member Services Desk for game club dues. If you are unsure about your membership status, please check with Sylvia Daigle. 

League Scoring
All scores should be submitted by the end of the week you are playing. Email scores to In the subject of the email, please indicate the week on which you are reporting. If you have scheduled your game, still indicate the week when the game is originally scheduled. Please do not send scores to the trilogylqbocce email address. 

Play Just for Fun!
You’re in luck. The Fitness Desk at the Santa Rose Club will provide you with the necessary equipment and assure you of a free time slot on the courts. The three bocce courts are a short walk over to the tennis courts. Here’s the 1-2-3 to get started: 

1. Read the Bocce General Rules.
2. Reserve a court time.
3. If you need equipment, it is available from the Fitness Desk in the Santa Rosa Club —  no charge.

Hey! If you’ve got your own equipment just check Bocce Court Reservations to make sure a court is available, and head to the courts. Easy!

Rich Scott
Sign-Up/Roster: Barb Musante 
|Scheduler: Barb Musante

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