Sunshine Landscape

 A reminder to homeowners to submit a work order through the MyTLQ website regarding any issues with their front irrigation. We have had instances where a homeowner has turned on the front irrigation valves without the knowledge of how they work. This can lead to new irrigation problems if not turned on correctly and even the need to replace a valve that didn’t have anything wrong. That is why it’s important to let us, the experts, handle your front irrigation problems. With your help in calling in and reporting, it can help save time and unnecessary costs. We are here to help so please do not turn on the HOA valves. Thank you for your cooperation.

Lawn irrigation has been cut back to once a day. Turning on at 5 a.m. This is due to getting the lawns ready for the month of October when we will be renovating/scalping lawns. Every week the lawn will be mowed a little less and be turning brown. The following week the irrigation will be lowered as well again. With each passing week less and less. The irrigation to shrubs has been reduced to three start times everyday. Those times are 6 a.m, 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. 

Coming up will be the removal of flowers, we want to overturn the soil and add amendments. The irrigation will also need to be checked and make repairs so that planters are ready for the new flowers. We will get the date when the new flowers arrive in the month of October.
For after-hours landscaping/irrigation concerns:
Please call Customer Care (800) 428-5588.

Each week our landscape contractor fields multiple crews that maintain Trilogy’s common areas. The crew rotations shown here are the normal day-in and day-out assignments. Holidays and special events may cause these crew assignments to change.

One use of this information is to be able to anticipate when there may be landscape activities (debris piles, motor noises, dust) that could effect your at-home plans.

Sunshine Landscape Detail Sheets

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The map below shows the Sunshine Mow Schedule.

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