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A reminder to homeowners to submit work orders through website regarding any issues with their front irrigation: please do not turn on or adjust the front irrigation valves, this can lead to new irrigation problems if not turned on correctly. 

Message from Sunshine

We, the Sunshine Landscape Company, check the irrigation, repair it, and enhance the landscape thru out of the community. During the winter, we water less until it starts warming up, which is when we gradually increase watering. Adjustments to the watering schedule are subject to change (due to weather, condition of the landscape, or seeding). 

For the First Six Months of the Year

Fertilizer: is applied to lawn areas thru out the first six months. The fertilizer is to keep the lawn green and healthy. A pre-emergent fertilizer that contains herbicide is also applied. This pre-emergent is to control and prevent weed growth in the lawns.


The Nut-grass and Other Weeds: visible in lawn and planters are treated with weed killer.


The Maintenance of the Front Yards: is twice a month. The maintenance consists of trimming shrubs as needed, removing weeds, and picking up debris.


Lawns: are mowed weekly in the community. Currently, mow days are Monday’s and Tuesday’s.


Shrubs and Trees: are replaced as needed during most of the year. Only during the hot summer and extreme cold we don’t plant.


Trees and Queen Palms: are trimmed as needed thru out the community.


Lantanas: around late winter and before spring, we trim back the Lantanas thru out the community. The Lantanas get Woody and need pruning to encourage new growth. During this time, we also trim back other plants as necessary to reduce size and form.


Olive Trees: are sprayed around the month of April thru-out community so as not to produce fruit.


In the Month of May


Lawns get aerated to help the Bermuda grass grow. The aeration helps by letting water and air in the soil. Date palms need trimming; this is an annual process done throughout the
community gradually. Also, the annual summer flowers are planted. Each year the
colors change.


In the Month of June


The Mexican fan palms are trimmed annually thru out the community gradually; this is a must-do after the Mexican fan palms are fully bloomed.


For after-hours landscaping/irrigation concerns:
Please call Customer Care (800) 428-5588.

Each week our landscape contractor fields multiple crews that maintain Trilogy’s common areas. The crew rotations shown here are the normal day-in and day-out assignments. Holidays and special events may cause these crew assignments to change.

One use of this information is to be able to anticipate when there may be landscape activities (debris piles, motor noises, dust) that could effect your at-home plans.

Sunshine Landscape Detail Sheets

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The map below shows the Sunshine Mow Schedule.

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