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by [[Mp3+Zip]] Royal Blood Typhoons Album .Download | LEAK FREE
Published: April 29, 2021 (2 months ago)

[[Mp3+Zip]] Royal Blood Typhoons Album .Download | LEAK FREE, Royal Blood began recording their third studio album in early 2019. Halfway through the year, they embarked on a tour consisting of intimate shows as well as appearances at festivals such as the Reading and Leeds Festivals. They resumed recording later that year.[1] Recording of the album had gone into early 2020, where it was forced to be halted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the United Kingdom. The band wrote additional songs during the pandemic, two of which band member Mike Kerr felt were “the two best songs on the record”.

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Tracks List:

1. “Trouble’s Coming”
2. “Oblivion”
3. “Typhoons”
4. “Who Needs Friends”
5. “Million and One”
6. “Limbo”
7. “Either You Want It”
8. “Boilermaker”
9. “Mad Visions”
10. “Hold On”
11. “All We Have Is Now”

Royal Blood have never claimed to be innovators, yet in expanding their stylistic repertoire they gently step upon familiar ground whilst forging the sound of modern masters honing their craft to reinvigorate their genre.

The band emerged in 2014 with its energetic self-titled debut that had a dirtier, messier feel and became a hit in Britain, even being nominated for a Mercury Prize. Kerr and Thatcher cleaned and refined their sound with their sophomore release, “How Did We Get So Dark?”

The new album is even tighter and more focused, a neater distillation of Royal Blood. Some fans may miss the jagged, slouchy rock of the past, but the streamlined “Typhoons” is much more liable to increase streams and interest.

The new video was directed by Quentin Deronzier (famed for his work with Drake and Kanye West) and sees Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher playing around a whirlwind of fans before a stormy London skyline.

The duo gloss their raging rock in disco hue’s while the groove infested rhythm brazenly shimmers through the tracks heavy rhythmic stomps and biting hi-hats. Royal Blood has taken the volcanic energy of their self-titled debut, refined it down with a sprinkle of dance-rock to lighten the mix, to create a thrilling swagger-soaked banger. The duo have created an intense, luring number ready for repeat plays. Looking forward to the new album.

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